Thinking about Temporalités / Temporalities

Today I assisted to an Ensadlab seminar entitled Temporalités (Temporalities) here in Paris. The intention of coordinator Lucile Haute triggered me: the afternoon was meant to experience research projects directly, as opposed to “just talking about them.” With Field Essays, I too try to show a process in a direct way, offering a generous experience.

Performances somehow always trigger some kind of uneasiness in me. As if I don’t know where to position myself. The audience of today was clearly an audience of “habitués” – they seemed to undergo everything quite calmly. “Matière à deux temps” was a very nice, semi-improvised, semi-scripted conversation between a mathematician and an artist / researcher, in which concepts of geometry of time-space were approached in a low-fi, hands-on manner. Perhaps the most enjoyable part was that they were clearly enjoying themselves!


The Meddlesome Passenger, Scott Rettberg, Bergen University
Matière à deux temps, équilibres dynamiques, Dominique Peysson, Chercheure Art & Science EnsadLab et Université Paris 1, et Emmanuel Ferrand a.k.a. Rébus, mathématicien et artiste

Recherche et création : temporalités
Après-midi recherche et création
jeudi 13 novembre 2014 de 15h à 21h30
à la Galerie Rhinocéros et Cie, 156 bd Haussmann, 75008 Paris