“Furtherance”, a beautiful enigmatic 8 min loop directed by Leonora Hamill, is screening till tomorrow, Sunday January 18, at Eglise Saint-Eustache, rue Rambuteau 75001 Paris. Daily projection hours 16 – 19 h 30.The work consists of split screens in which architectural details of the church, human rituals, and a live deer co-exist, and respond to each other – making tangible the interconnectedness o
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Material Night: New Materials, New Values?

Last night I had the pleasure to moderate Material Night: New Materials / New Values? in Het Nieuwe Instituut, in Rotterdam. The idea with these evenings is to build a context that allows for collective reflection on current material research and experiments. The exact setting and format are different every time, in order to keep things exiting… The last Material Night that I moderated was The Workings of Wood,
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La culture c’est d’abord la terre.

Yesterday night in the Grande Halle of La Villette two beautiful disobedient minds met: Indian quantum physician, environmental activist, alter mondialist & eco feminist Vandana Shiva, and Algerian thinker, author and agro ecologist Pierre Rabhi. With his words “La Culture c’est d’abord la terre” (Culture – i.e. cultivating – is primarily about the earth), Pierre Rhabi cancels the nature-c
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Thinking about Temporalités / Temporalities

Today I assisted to an Ensadlab seminar entitled Temporalités (Temporalities) here in Paris. The intention of coordinator Lucile Haute triggered me: the afternoon was meant to experience research projects directly, as opposed to “just talking about them.” With Field Essays, I too try to show a process in a direct way, offering a generous experience. Performances somehow always trigger some kind of uneasin
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Note on: building context

The Critics’ Lab of yesterday produced a couple of valuable memo’s about the conditions that design criticism operates within today. Here’s an incomplete list, freely drafted down: – We need new forms of authorship and readership. Long reading is something you have to design. (Floor van Spanendonck) – Writing in a language that is not your mother tongue can allow to be like an outsider of your own  
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Saeng Hwang, Orgue à bouche

A stupefying concert last night at Cité des Arts – South Corean musician Hyo Young Kim played traditional and contemporary songs on a Saeng Hwang, a “mouth organ” with vertical pipes played by the mouth and fingers. Pianist Julien Eckenfelder played beautifully too and even helped me decipher the music with his alert movements. Image: A gisaeng playing a saenghwang (far right). The painting is from the Hy
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