Note on: drawing the Chinese way

Tonight I had the pleasure to meet classical Chinese painter Du Xin, who had an Open Studio with two fellow artists here at the Cité. He told me about the signification of the red stamps one often sees in Chinese paintings. The word can be his name, or a word that is important for the work, that represents it.

But the most beautiful thing is, that the red stamp-word is also just a red accent, which Du Xin applies “at the very last moment”, and only if the painting requires it.

I wonder what would happen if Brynjar Sigurðarson, the designer I’m working with for the upcoming issue of Field Essays,  would make use of such a semantic-morphological element in his drawings? Storytelling inhabits all his drawings, objects, and photographs, albeit not directly.

Du Xin in front of four of his “wet ink paintings”
Drawing by Brynjar Sigurðarson

Every Journey is a journey toward ourselves.

Leaving China, visiting many European countries and staying in Cite internationale des Arts, have given the three Chinese artists a better knowledge of the western art, and reversely, to have a deeper understanding of Chinese art and the art of themselves with the real recognition of the reference system. Thus they find the ground to reinterpret their original artistic ideas.

Here in the exhibition, you’ll see the works by Zhai Xiaoshi, Xu Ziyun and Du Xin, three artists from China Academy of Art. They would like to share their new ideas and discoveries in their grand tour in Europe and prove their changes in their new creations.


Zhai Xiaoshi: sculptor/ sculpteur
Xu Ziyun: oil painter /artiste qui utilise la peinture a l’huile
Du Xin: traditional Chinese painter/artiste qui utilize la peinture traditionnelle chinoise
Independent Curator/Curator independant: Zhao Haihong, Wu Jingyin
Time:11th Nov. 2014 Tuesday. 18:00-22:00/Mardi 11 Nov 2014
Adresse: 2222B Cité Internationale de Arts