Lieve, is part of the Més-aventures compilation including moving and narrative images. Attempts to appropriate, impersonate and understand phenomena that move me.

Lieve, is an ode to the written word (the grown-up little scribble that simply is voice, vision and venture all at once) and to handwriting (the spirited and deeply personal deed that feeds the layered and founded dialogue I yearn for). Lieve, is the visualisation of a quest for a very fine element of handwriting: care-full–ness; a specific kind of liveliness filled with care.

A sketch1: an entry, a direction, a gesture, a sign, both planned and spontaneous.

1 definition inspired by the book The voice of drawing

Lieve, (20’’ performance, single-line écritoire). MiniDV camera and sound editing by Erik Nap. Exhibited at Dutch Mountains, Design Platform Eindhoven / MU Witte Dame, 2005.