En Garde

A moving image about the fight that I experience daily as a human, a designer, a young woman. How do I deal with the expectations and demands from the outside world? Do I defend myself, do I attack, do I feign or avoid? These questions led me to the world of fencing.

Fort Asperen, located in the Hollandse Waterlinie, provided me with a rich historical backdrop for my first exercises in assault, attack, leap, and defence. Originating from ancient sword fighting practices, the modern fencing sport has evolved from unarmoured duelling forms in the 16th and 17th century. Fencing requires speed, endurance, strength, precision and flexibility, all qualities I am trying to develop within my profession of independent designer. Strategic thinking and the ability to adapt to the opponent determine the quality of any confrontation. Every fight is a paradox, because of its main condition- duality of perspective.

En Garde, Super 8, one minute (mute), 2003. Screened inside the fort cell featured in the film, creating a loop inside the story. Commissioned by Li Edelkoort for the manifestation Armour. Camera and editing by Tim Klaasse. With thanks to Rebecca Wijsbeek, Charlotte de With, Kardolus Schermschool.