En Garde

A moving image about the fight that I experience daily as a human, a designer, a young woman. How do I deal with the expectations and demands from the outside world? Do I defend myself, do I attack, do I feign or avoid? These questions led me to the world of fencing.

Fort Asperen, located in the Hollandse Waterlinie, provided me with a rich historical backdrop for my first exercises in assault, attack, leap, and defence. Originating from ancient sword fighting practices, the modern fencing sport has evolved from un-armoured duelling forms in the 16th and 17th century. Fencing requires speed, endurance, strength, precision and flexibility, all qualities I am trying to develop within my profession of independent designer. Strategic thinking and the ability to adapt to the opponent determine the quality of any confrontation. Every fight is a paradox, because of its main condition- duality of perspective.

En Garde, Super 8, one” (mute), 2003. Screened inside the fort cell featured in the film, creating a loop inside the story. Commissioned by Li Edelkoort for the manifestation Armour. Camera and editing with Tim Klaasse. With thanks to Rebecca Wijsbeek, Charlotte de With, Kardolus Schermschool.