Graduation project that questions the reliability of the world as it is presented to us. Giving shape to a personal fairy-tale around the idea of fake: “I take, I make, I fake”. Objects are approached as blanc props open to interpretation: the idea of a lamp (an aura), the idea of a staircase (a shift in perspective), the idea of a window (a framed view) and the idea of a bed (a hint of escapism). An attempt to re-invent life through design on an everyday basis.

Fake! was followed by Just Fake it! (presented at the Biennale d’Arte Emergenze in Turin in 2000), Just Fake it Better! (presented at the Play-Use exhibit of Witte de With Rotterdam in 2000) and Fake it for real! (published in Addict! Magazine in 2002).

Fake (lamp, bed, view, stairs), no sound, 1999. Camera Marc Krier.