Film is a place where an idea can be articulated through a gesture. Searching for an image is searching for meaning.

27th of January 2006:
salt fairy in the night

waking and sprinkling
white gold falling
there where lines meet
salt stars form
dust bodies from heaven

“At such minuscule distances everything falls under the charm of uncertainties, space and time begin to dance, to twirl around, particles stop to know what is up or down, what was before and what comes after, and all that is left is encounter in its purest state.” (Robert Dijkgraaf)

Zoutmeisje (twilight, salt, amulets, dress), 2 min, 2006. Camera Tim Klaasse. Assistance Clo’é Floirat, dress Charlotte de With. Violin Annemarie Volten. Performed at Nuits Blanches.