Field Essays: Éloj Kréyol

The fourth issue of Field Essays brings to the fore the research Éloj Kréyol by design-duo dach&zephir (Florian Dach and Dimitri Zephir). Initiated in 2015, Éloj Kréyol is an attempt to reconcile, and reactivate neglected artisanal and cultural lifelines in the genealogy of the French Caribbean archipelago.

The five meanders that structure this book are invitations to ponder on the hidden biographies of archival images (Encounter between Dimitri Zephir, Florian Dach and X, edited by Sophie Krier); the enduring creolisation and alienation processes in Martiniquan society (Creole Voices by André Lucrèce); the material ingenuity of a water jar, a simple kitchen knife, and a basket (Mapping Histories by dach& zephir); the richness’s and unknowns of a collaboration across cultures in the field of design (Design as Relationality, Aesthetics as Agency: on dach& zephir by Lucy Cotter); the circulation of aesthetic norms at the turn of the century (The Creole Ninfa by Thomas Golsenne); and our legacy to the upcoming generation (Nasyon A Ti Kréyol, Design as Transmission). Bon lekti!

Field Essays takes an editorial approach to practice-based research. It functions as a living conversation platform that explores peripheral practices probing unknown territories, methods and works. In this way, Field Essays articulates living practices today. Field Essays is a research platform initiated and led by artist/researcher Sophie Krier and released through Onomatopee.

Onomatopee 55.3 Field Essays: Éloj Kréyol
Meanderings in the field of decolonial design

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Date: July 01, 2019