Hopeful gestures

Sunday Aug 31 the results of my workshop Hoopvolle Handelingen (Hopeful Gestures) will be presented by the team of Zicht op Rotterdam (View on Rotterdam) on the Island of Brienenoord. What is hope, how does it work and how can it inform our decisions as citizens of the city of tomorrow?  I am currently writing about these questions here at the Cité Internationale des Arts, in a small treaty entitled Design Altruism. 
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Field Essays in Residence at Cité des Arts

Field Essays has been invited by Cité des Arts, Paris, for a one year residency, from July 2014 till June 2015. I plan to use this time to realize & publish Field Essays, Issue Two with Brynjar Sigurdarson and anthropologist Tim Ingold. Also I intend to distill the intrinsic research questions related to design ethics, which I’ve been digging into over the past years within my practice. Ultimately I am work
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Field Essays workshop

ANIMALE STATE is the title of a workshop for STUDIO FOR IMMEDIATE SPACES which I gave with BRYNJAR SIGURDARSON at VU HORTUS Amsterdam (a beautiful peaceful place amidst the city’s business quarters), in preparation of the upcoming issue of Field Essays. Our brief: bring a description, drawing, plan and/or model for the living space of an imaginary animal – one that could exist, somehow. Bring materials to
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Field Essays workshop: Making Sense

Directing a 3D design criticism workshop this week, for which I ask my students to analyse the work on display at the Dutch Design Week, and to produce a constructive, visual and/or spatial form of criticism. The workshop is part of my ongoing research Field Essays, about the nature of design processes. “Making Sense” is a live exhibition-in-progress, curated to be a part of the “Take On Me (Take Me On) An Alte
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Field Essays Wintergarden clown workshop

During this year’s Wintergarden*, students of TXT (textile department) and designLAB** joined together for a clown workshop led by Ivan Hannetin. Some reactions: “ It was me, but not me.” “ Even nonsense has some sense in it.” “ Clown is about being, not thinking, feeling the moment, expressing raw emotions, not lying, playing to lose control, learn to look again, be aware of what’s happening around, share time
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