Hopeful gestures

Sunday Aug 31 the results of my workshop Hoopvolle Handelingen (Hopeful Gestures) will be presented by the team of Zicht op Rotterdam (View on Rotterdam) on the Island of Brienenoord.

What is hope, how does it work and how can it inform our decisions as citizens of the city of tomorrow?  I am currently writing about these questions here at the Cité Internationale des Arts, in a small treaty entitled Design Altruism. The idea came from observing designer Brynjar Sigurdarson‘s process, and his urge to “always look for something”. Sigurdarson is the main protagonist of the upcoming issue of Field Essays.

Image: Hoopvolle Handelingen I,II,III, IV (Rianne Andeweg, Karen Bebelaar, Angelique Boel, Marinela Dijkhoff, Marieke Küttschreutter, Maartje Versluijs, Guus Vreeburg), Sophie Krier & Rineke Kraaij, Zicht op Rotterdam, Eiland van Brienenoord, 2014. Fotografie Labadie | van Tour. Geregistreerd onder Creative Commons Licentie CC-BY 4.0.