Ongelofelijk, Ongetwijfeld

Personal retrospective in a group show about blurring boundaries in today’s artistic practices.

Part 1 consisted of three tables (skewed copies of the ones in my home studio) displaying drawings and writings, as well as (yet) unrealised plans. In the back two films screened side by side, complementing and mirroring each other visually.

Part 2 consisted of paper scale models of places where I have worked, or would like to work one day. A model train rode up and down these memories and longings, transporting a miniature band and soundtrack.

Ongelofelijk, Ongetwijfeld (retrospective installation), 2009. Commissioned by BLURRR, TENT Rotterdam (Mariëtte Dolle). Assisted by Fleur Thio (intern) and advised by Erik Wong. Group show with Nina Boas, Iddo Drevijn, Sophie Krier, Walter Langelaar, Gyz La Rivière, Strange Attractors, Studio Spass, Esmé Valk, Volksrekorders.