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    Below are archived notes up to 2015. From 2016 on, you can follow Atelier Sophie Krier via: twitter fb linkedin  ... more
  • Field Essays workshop at Musashino Art University

    Musashino Art University, Tokyo, has invited me as a Visiting Professor this September. I will be conducting a workshop, a lecture and individual critique. The workshop explores the legacy of ROJO (Roadway Observation Society), and connects this to the notion of a contemporary “mono activity” house.      ... more
  • Au revoir la cité

    Leaving CITE DES ARTS after a full year in Paris. Looking back, my time there was well spent, crowdfunding the printing budget for Field Essays, getting to know how things work (and don’t work) in France, rediscovering French (my native language!) in relation to art & design research, and getting interesting work done with Ecole des Arts Déco, Ensci-Les-Ateliers …... more
  • Art & Design Practice

    Currently developing a new bachelor program in the spirit of Liberal Arts & Science at University College Roosevelt, Middelburg, The Netherlands. The “Art & Design Practice” program will conduct practice-based artistic research, with an emphasis on thinking through making. More in the fall.... more
  • Learning new languages

    Notes concerning Field Essays are posted via t and fb from now on. See also www.fieldessays.net                    ... more
  • Start conference Cycle Façonner l’Avenir (forging the future)

    Together with textile researcher Aurélie Mossé and design historian Anna Bernagozzi I curated the conference cycle Façonner l’Avenir in winter / spring 2015, on how design and sciences can work together towards an ecologically minded urbanity. You can view all the conferences, papers and abstracts online.  ... more
  • Furtherance

    “Furtherance”, a beautiful enigmatic 8 min loop directed by Leonora Hamill, is screening till tomorrow, Sunday January 18, at Eglise Saint-Eustache, rue Rambuteau 75001 Paris. Daily projection hours 16 – 19 h 30.The work consists of split screens in which architectural details of the church, human rituals, and a live deer …... more
  • Field Essays campaign launch

    Field Essays just launched its brand new crowdfunding campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank. Support us and join the campaign now!  ... more
  • Material Night: New Materials, New Values?

    Last night I had the pleasure to moderate Material Night: New Materials / New Values? in Het Nieuwe Instituut, in Rotterdam. The idea with these evenings is to build a context that allows for collective reflection on current material research and experiments. The exact setting and format are different every time, in …... more
  • La culture c’est d’abord la terre.

    Yesterday night in the Grande Halle of La Villette two beautiful disobedient minds met: Indian quantum physician, environmental activist, alter mondialist & eco feminist Vandana Shiva, and Algerian thinker, author and agro ecologist Pierre Rabhi. With his words “La Culture c’est d’abord la terre” (Culture – i.e. cultivating – is …... more
  • Reading about | what animates things

    Currently reading Semeurs d’Espoirs, (Actes Sud), in which Algerian agro ecologist and writer Pierre Rabhi touches on the course of his life, his gradual understanding of agro ecology, and the need for an insurrection of consciences (which was also the core message of his political programme in 2002, when he shortly ran for …... more
  • Note on: the world, the work and we

    Long dark winter nights are the best times to read, write and draw. Maybe because they let us withdraw inside, and inside ourselves. I made a nice low drawing table today – experimenting with wetting and stretching paper for water ink drawings – it’s been ages since I did that. It’s …... more
  • Note on: how we think, speak and write about ecology

    This morning I went to Sciences-Po in Lille to assist to a lecture of philosopher Stéphane-Hicham Afeissa, entitled La fin de l’humanité. Essai de généalogie du discours écologique, which is also the title of his last book. It was a revelation to see the assiduity, with which these French students copied …... more
  • Reading about | La Montagne Dorée

    Very happy to have bought a copy of La Montagne Dorée, by Myriam Ziehli, in which she edited, and adapted, found footage from a field trip in Switzerland into a fictive script for a play. The trigger for the book was a fait divers, a newspaper notice about an Egyptian …... more
  • Every Object Contains An Object goes Korea

    Offprint is closing after three very successful days. Freek Lomme, my publisher, told me two copies of Every Object Contains An Object (2012) were sold to Korean curators. I would love to know what their thoughts on the book are. Image: EricandMarie, my favorite graphic designers in Paris  ... more
  • In the darkness you start to imagine: Dirk Braeckman in Le Bal

    Offprint brought many photographers and book lovers to Paris this weekend, it’s nice. Photographer Dieuwertje Komen took me to see the exhibition of Dirk Braeckman in Le Bal, “the place for photographers in Paris”. The very well furnished bookshop and tasteful café are especially praised. Discovering Braeckman’s work for the first …... more
  • (Have to) read about: passing on history

    Another book I need to have and read…! Passing on History, B 42 Editions Why do so many books give me that feeling… At Offprint there was also Manuella Editions that has many other book I have on my wish-and-need-to-read-list: Conversations by Hans Ulrich Obrist, of course… Quelques bons moments …... more
  • a Field Essays coffee

    Today I had the pleasure to have a coffee with my Field Essays team – from left to right: publisher Freek Lomme, graphic designers EricandMarie, and film maker Roel van Tour. And I tested my panorama function on my phone-camera…... more
  • Working on a new Field Essays video

    The coming month, I’ll be working with my favorite camera man, Roel van Tour, on a teaser video for the upcoming issue of Field Essays, which we will use for a crowd funding campaign on the French platform kisskissbankbank. It’s a real pleasure looking at the world through Roel’s eyes!  ... more
  • Thinking about Temporalités / Temporalities

    Today I assisted to an Ensadlab seminar entitled Temporalités (Temporalities) here in Paris. The intention of coordinator Lucile Haute triggered me: the afternoon was meant to experience research projects directly, as opposed to “just talking about them.” With Field Essays, I too try to show a process in a direct way, offering a generous experience. …... more
  • Note on: drawing the Chinese way

    Tonight I had the pleasure to meet classical Chinese painter Du Xin, who had an Open Studio with two fellow artists here at the Cité. He told me about the signification of the red stamps one often sees in Chinese paintings. The word can be his name, or a word that …... more
  • Field Essays present at OFFPRINT 2014

    Field Essays: Pick of Sticks Embodied (2010) and Field Essays: Every Object Contains An Image (2012) will be present at  OFFPRINT 2014 (Nov 14-Nov 16) via independent art publisher Onomatopee. Welcome!... more
  • Cité des Arts, day 126

    Autumn has come, says my studio view… Long live heart-warming autumn in Paris!... more
  • Field Essays welcomes Eugénie delaRivière

    Designer and researcher Eugénie delaRivière has officially teamed up with Field Essays, for the social media part of the upcoming issue. Welcome Eugénie! Image: Eugénie viewing one of the works of the exhibition “Possibles d’un monde fragmenté” at Palais des Beaux Arts, curated by Enrico Lunghi. To him, interiority and analysis were the …... more
  • Field Essays interview on Uncube

    Field Essays is featured on the Uncube magazine blog. Editor Elvia Wik writes about how this ongoing research functions as a form of informal education both for me and the participants of every issue. Uncube Interview Related: Uncube No 26,  Education issue, interview of  designer and researcher Eugénie delaRivière, who takes care …... more
  • Note on: building context

    The Critics’ Lab of yesterday produced a couple of valuable memo’s about the conditions that design criticism operates within today. Here’s an incomplete list, freely drafted down: – We need new forms of authorship and readership. Long reading is something you have to design. (Floor van Spanendonck) – Writing in a language that is not your …... more
  • Open Studio Field Essays

    Field Essays holds a joint Open Studio this Friday, Oct 23rd, at: Cité Internationale des Arts, 18 rue de l’hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris Welcome!... more
  • Hunnie featured in Vers Beton

    8 more nights before the Dutch Design Awards on Oct 18th… Today Rotterdam based magazine Vers Beton published an article about my practice, and in its extension, the nomination for Hunnie, a collaborative field research with Henriëtte Waal. Image: Hunnie Lakenvelder  ... more
  • nouvelle lune

    Après les thèmes du minéral et du végétal, séance d’images mouvementées sur la relation souvent contradictoire de l’homme à l’animal, hier soir sur les hauteurs de Montmartre, pendant la 3e et dernière édition de Cinéma de la Nouvelle Lune 2014. “Chasseurs sachant Chasser” (Hunters able to hunt) de Salma Cheddadi surprends …... more
  • Intrépidité – Urbanité

    A l’occasion des Journées du Patrimoine, visite de l’Hôtel de Ville, de ses salons enfilés et surtout, surtout: du bureau de la Maire Anne Hidalgo – chaleureux et spacieux, un panda orne sa table de travail, entre autres oeuvres d’art contemporain de la collection du FMAC. “ça donne envie d’être maire, non? Pourquoi pas …... more
  • Fanatic anti-fanatic

    Hunger, thirst, injustice, misery, cruelty, injustice, physical torture, mental torture, illness, racism, suffering, death… : these are but a few of the many difficult issues, which artist Niki de St Phalle (1930-2002) decided to shoot at with her famous Shooting Paintings. The list, entitled Wall of Rage, is currently exhibited at the generous Grand …... more
  • Histoire(s) de cuillères

    Spoons have accompanied the history of humanity. They reconcile the primary need to eat with the need to establish relations with others. They vital meaning becomes clear when collector Jean Metzger tells about his life long passion for spoons, which started with a spoon found by his father in a concentration camp, in 1940. Spoons …... more
  • Critics’ Lab

    On Saturday Oct 17th, on the first day of the Dutch Design Week, I will give a fundraising master class in the context of Critics’ Lab, an initiative of the Pruys Bekaert programme for design and architecture critique. My focus will be on the question of value: which productive – and durable – alliances …... more
  • Brynjar Sigurdarson invited for In Residence Design Dialogue # 7

    Brynjar Sigurdarson, protagonist of the upcoming issue of Field Essays, is one of six guest designers at this year’s IN Residence Design Dialogue, Workshop #7. IN Residence is a project that contributes to contemporary debate about design, proposing conversation as a privileged means of analysis and further study.    ... more
  • Le titre? Il n’y a pas de titre.

    En dépit de son titre bien réfléchi “L’époque, les humeurs, les valeurs, l’attention” (titre qui rappelle une autre exposition de 1987: “L’Époque, la mode, la morale, la passion”), l’exposition des attendus du prix de la Fondation d’entreprise Ricard ne convainc pas. D’après notre guide, le collectif de commissaires castillo/coralles a voulu une exposition qui soit …... more
  • What does it mean to make stones that look like stones?

  • Saeng Hwang, Orgue à bouche

    A stupefying concert last night at Cité des Arts – South Corean musician Hyo Young Kim played traditional and contemporary songs on a Saeng Hwang, a “mouth organ” with vertical pipes played by the mouth and fingers. Pianist Julien Eckenfelder played beautifully too and even helped me decipher the music with his alert …... more
  • Hopeful gestures

    Sunday Aug 31 the results of my workshop Hoopvolle Handelingen (Hopeful Gestures) will be presented by the team of Zicht op Rotterdam (View on Rotterdam) on the Island of Brienenoord. What is hope, how does it work and how can it inform our decisions as citizens of the city of tomorrow?  I …... more
  • Foncé feutré

    Open Studio at Maaike Leyn yesterday – Maaike draws with charcoal on the back side of linen canvas. (Apparently Francis Bacon liked that side of canvas too, for its texture, another resident mentioned) It lends her drawings a mute, soft, melancholic darkness. In French I would describe it as: un foncé feutré. Image: …... more
  • Note on Catching Octopus

    Born in 1969 in Kobe, Shimabuku is an artist who collects unusual encounters. Inspired by the International Situationist walking tours, he studied in Osaka and in San Francisco before travelling in the different harbours of the world, in Japan, Brazil, France, Netherlands and USA. Shimabuku’s humorous and imaginative approach, as well …... more
  • What a pity you are an architect. You would make a sensational partner.

    The title is a sentence Josefin Baker apparently once said to Adolf Loos. The work consists of a bedroom, scaled to the size of the institutes and residencies that invited Dewar over the course of a year. The space hosts elements that were designed by Adolf Loos for a house he drew for Josefin …... more
  • Note on Nicolas de Staël

    “Ne pas s’occuper de l’espace mais se préoccuper de l’espace.” (Not to tend space but to take care of, to care about, to be concerned with, to be preoccupied with space) In a documentary about her father (1914-1955), Anne de Staël talks in these words about his approach to painting. The distinction …... more
  • Note on Courage

    Today I read a quote in the morning newspaper about courage by Jean Jaures, renown founder of socialist politics in France, assassinated a hundred years ago on July 31 at the Bar du Croissant. His death turned out to be the eve of WW II.  What Jean Jaures said about courage (Courage is …... more
  • Reading about | machinic animism

    “In Guattari’s “cosmology” there are all sorts of machines: social machines, technological, aesthetic, biological, crystalline, and so forth. To clarify the nature of the machine, he refers to the work of the biologist Francisco Varela, who distinguishes two types of machines: allopoïétique machines, which produce things other than themselves, and …... more
  • Cité des Arts, day one

    8 am The Service des Jardins Publics just left for their day carrying on their trucks plants, earth and crates. The cars are rushing on the périphérique. The 319 other residents of the Cité still seem asleep. I am already attached to the old wall opposite my studio.    ... more
  • Field Essays in Residence at Cité des Arts

    Field Essays has been invited by Cité des Arts, Paris, for a one year residency, from July 2014 till June 2015. I plan to use this time to realize & publish Field Essays, Issue Two with Brynjar Sigurdarson and anthropologist Tim Ingold. Also I intend to distill the intrinsic research questions related to …... more
  • Note on Definitely unfinished

    a retrospective of the very tactile work of colleague Raoul Teulings (1959 – 2010) who helped me seeding the first ideas for Field Essays years back now beautiful and painful to see and hear him being his generous, mesmerising self again for the duration of this exhibition  ... more
  • Hunnie Finalist at Dutch Design Awards

    Hunnie is through to the Finalists of the Dutch Design Awards. Hurray! Crawling in the mud (literally in this case) yields unforeseen returns. Hunnie is in great company: both Ons Bank & Next Nature are exemplary practices of the kind of issues that design research can address.  ... more
  • Hunnie featured as best practice at LOKO14

    Hunnie spoke today at LOKO14, an expert meeting on the future role and function of mediators in art and public space. Hunnie’s mediator, coach and ambassador Ella Derksen explained her role in the process of lobbying for the initial assignment, setting the right context, managing expectations and doing damage management with …... more
  • Brynjar Sigurdarson featured by Li Edelkoort

    Brynjar Sigurdarson has been selected by Li Edelkoort as one of tomorrow’s exemplary designers in the context of the anniversary exhibition of MAK Vienna – Li believes he has the right attitude needed for the future. I wholly agree. 150 YEARS OF THE MAK – FROM ARTS AND CRAFTS TO DESIGN WED, …... more
  • The workings of wood

    On June 5, The New Institute in Rotterdam held an evening dedicated to the world of wood. The night was part of a long term research dedicated to materials, things and ideas. I introduced and moderated the panel debate with Marjan van Aubel, Lex Pott and Chris Kabel. Special guests in …... more

    MATTHEY BARNEY’s exhibition at HAUS DER KUNST (still on show till august 8) bewilders the mind and body iron, bronze, sulphur, salt collide, mutate, anodise, patinate or rust the gigantic cast props feel like a material mythology from a new world BARNEY  introduces recycling as a contemporary version of Egyptian …... more

    ‘The International Space Orchestra‘ is a mesmerizing feature film directed by NELLY BEN HAYOUN (FR). Hurray! The design field needs more of this type of cosmic energy.  ... more
  • Field Essays workshop

    ANIMALE STATE is the title of a workshop for STUDIO FOR IMMEDIATE SPACES which I gave with BRYNJAR SIGURDARSON at VU HORTUS Amsterdam (a beautiful peaceful place amidst the city’s business quarters), in preparation of the upcoming issue of Field Essays. Our brief: bring a description, drawing, plan and/or model for …... more

    Op 8 april geeft HUNNIE op uitnodiging van STICHTING DE BOVENLANDEN een presentatie van haar bevindingen na een jaar veldwerk in het Wilnisse veenweidegebied centrale vragen voor de discussie worden: is lid worden van Natuur met een grote N iets waar we naar verlangen? om welke vorm vraagt een lidmaatschap …... more

    Its SHROVE TUESDAY my friend Martijn told me today…. Happiness can be as simple as flipping a pancake while running down the streets!  ... more
  • Note on This is not the project

    The symposium Traders Eu, which I attended as part of my ongoing research for Field Essays, gathered  a full house of designers and researchers yesterday to celebrate the launch of a four year PhD project on social design research practices. It feels good to see that design is taken more and …... more
  • Inearthia

    INEARTHIA, an attempt to spin the earth is a choreography by COMPAGNIE CO.LATERAL (ch) which I first saw at STROOM at the EXPANDED PERFORMANCE show sometimes things linger on in your mind and it feels so good when you stumble upon them again as if things fall into place for …... more

    on march 2, HUNNIE will address the youthful members  (8-12 years old) of Museumjeugduniversiteit at Het Nieuwe Instituut what is nature, to this new generation?    ... more

    at the AKINCI stand of art rotterdam 2014, HUNNIE admired Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, The Sun that Never Set, overview at AKINCI 2013, photo Peter Cox “In the work Les Zones Terrestres, Broersen & Lukács reinterpret a French wallpaper* from 1855, one of the first reproducible, non‐repeating panoramic wallpapers. …... more

    Rythm, poetry and choreography: in Stone Soul Army, 2013 (HD Video 29’27”), Fernando Sánchez Castillo (1970 Spain) staged  sessions of a Peruvian military band who produce music with stones.“In the work of Sánchez Castillo, stones have twofold meaning: (…) the stones not only serve as raw material for the sculptor, but …... more

    HUNNIE  appreciates the series of  detailed drawings by Martin Brandsma, entitled bcp (black code project). “bcp which stands for ‘black code project’ includes about 200 drawings of the tail feathers of a great grey shrike that are located in different dutch museum collections. brandsma draws the tails of the birds systematically. with …... more

    viewing the works at Art Rotterdam this year memory, handwriting, repetition and tactility appear to be the recurring motifs that catch my interest – and houses, small, floating or pieced together a few of the artists whose work moved me: Jananne Al-Ani, Aerial I, 2011, archival pigment print, 145cm x …... more

    SEVEN STONES by FRANK SCHEFFER an artist film about artist painter ROBERT ZANDVLIET screened yesterday at iffr the painter summarises his uncompromising search for truth as ‘een leeg beeld en een stille taal’ (an empty image and a mute language) the artist filming the painter said he chose him as a subject ‘because …... more

    XAVIER ANTIN is a french artiste / graphiste in his work he looks for resistance and works with standards – variations on protocols – he spoke at an ESAD tuesday evening talk curated by ANNA BERNAGOZZI – central to his work is the question when does an object gain or lose resolution (definition) …... more

    on feb 5 at 15.00 HUNNIE will speak at the VAN ABBEMUSEUM for the museum of arte útil join HUNNIE & rethink the nature of things while working through hand-digged clay *** image: Hunnie Waden, 2013, courtesy HUNNIE, photo Roel van Tour    ... more

    on saturday jan 18 at 3 pm hunnie will join bureau europa in maastricht to open the exhibition ‘Mansholt, Landscape in Perspective’ this exhibition & ongoing archive wants to provide insight in the changing relation between agriculture and landscape, and the dilemmas of European agricultural policy  ... more

    jan 11/12 stedelijk hosts an intriguing symposium on the formation of land called confrontation and confessions *** image: Waswo X. Waswo with R. Vijay, Another Map of What is Effortless – homage to Clemente, 2007. Image courtesy of the artist... more
  • Note on Circle, triangle, square

    The visual language that Brynjar Sigurdarson employs in his body of work has animist traits: materials, shapes and signs interact free of hierarchy, creating haptic narratives. Jivya Soma Mashe’s work was part of the Histoires de Voir exhibit on “animist” art at Fondation Cartier, Paris, in 2012. Stemming from ephemeral ritual …... more

    after finishing the project Hunnie sticks around Hunnie showed up at the Makerfestival on Nov 30 invited by Diana Krabbendam (the Beach) Hunnie will speak at DA Eindhoven as Kim Bouvy’s guest (Source Program) don’t miss it on Feb 5 location and time will be announced Hunnie’s maintenance was officially …... more

    sundays were invented to drink a coffee on the harbour docks facing the atlantic waiting for the sun to break through the clouds human warmth comes from the earth as do colours and scents the tides repeat it tirelessly to us since the beginnings of time sometimes, turning back on your …... more
  • Brynjar Sigurdarson: objects, tales, worlds

    Field Essays is happy to announce its protagonist for the upcoming issue! Brynjar Sigurdarson originates from Iceland; he is interested in accounts of things that happened & in relationships between objects and stories; he is as much as teller as a listener; creating new tales around craftsmanship, legends, and animals, and making new tools that embody them. “Silent Village Collection”, an animated family …... more

    Currently on a writing retreat in Liz Davis’ house in Douarnenez. At the beginning of this harbour city in Britanny (Fr) was an island, known as Île de Tristan. Hence the city’s name: Land of Island. A more pragmatic nick name is Sardine Town; the fishing industry and its ‘conserveries’ (specialised …... more

    for the old blog with previous journeys go here... more
  • Field Essays video: Keep Yourself a Margin of Vagueness

    For the upcoming exhibition in TENT. Rotterdam, I made a small video about the way I work within Field Essays. Part field work and part introspection, Field Essays is in essence a practice, a mode of doing. The video tries to captures this. Field Essays, HDV, 5”, mute, 2012. Camera Roel van …... more
  • Field Essays lecture

    November 25, 2011. Field Essays Lecture at the KABK / Lectorate Research Festival New Questions, on invitation of Janneke Wesseling, head of PhdArts, and moderated by artist Taco Stolk. Dutch spoken.... more
  • Field Essays exhibition at TENT.Rotterdam

      – press release – FACE VALUE, TENT.Rotterdam 17.11.2011 – 08.01.2012 11.2011, 20:00 hrs – Opening In the exhibition Face Value, four established designers abandon their commercial bestsellers, winning house style designs or attractive logos and actually show the work in which they seek, hesitate or fail. What is the …... more
  • Field Essays workshop: Still Making Sense

    Onomatopee 55.1: Cabinet Project Field Essays Onomatopee & Atelier Sophie Krier present Field Essays, on the nature and dynamics of design processes. Field Essays explores the motives and the strategies of emergent design practices, and informs about their qualities. Field Essays makes its research accessible to the public through publications, …... more
  • Note on Notes

    12 sept 2011. _ When documenting a process, Field Essays figures out how to represent its nature and motives in text AND image (very important) _ Field Essays mirrors the design process of a designer to a theoretical perspective, and anchors both bodies of work in today’s design practice& ethics through personal Notes. …... more
  • Field Essays in residence at Gastgastgeber

    In the context of Ruhr 2010, Studio Makkink & Bey invited Field Essays to temporarily inhabit their work hotel Gastgastgeber (Guest – Guest giver), especially designed for the water tower of Oberhausen, in a former industrial area of Germany. I invited Bart Hess to stay a few nights & intervene in the space. *** Photo: Arie de Ruiter …... more
  • Note on Dot Dot Dot

    Field Essays likes the radical attitude of Dot Dot Dot. Especially since meeting c0-founder and graphic designer Stuart Bailey at OTIS, Los Angeles in 2009, where he and I were both visiting artists on invitation of Kali Nikitas. Dot Dot Dot is no longer, but lives on as The Serving Library.... more
  • Launch Field Essays, Issue zero

    Book launch at Onomatopee this weekend! Onomatopee & Sophie Krier present Field Essays, Issue zero, a new series of journals about the dynamics of design processes. Field Essays maps the work and the motives of innovative design practices and engages them with the ideas of contemporary thinkers. Field Essays works in …... more
  • Outlining Field Essays’ motive

    A tentative drawing to map the “fil conducteur”, the leading thread behind Field Essays, after an enlightening talk with Freek Lomme, my publisher. What am I trying to achieve with this research in the long term, and how can I achieve this? The sketches roughly say: 1. Field Essays is about …... more
  • Field Essays workshop: Making Sense

    Directing a 3D design criticism workshop this week, for which I ask my students to analyse the work on display at the Dutch Design Week, and to produce a constructive, visual and/or spatial form of criticism. The workshop is part of my ongoing research Field Essays, about the nature of design processes. “Making …... more
  • Field Essays featured in group exhibition

    Personal retrospective in a group show about blurring boundaries in today’s artistic practices. A chance to figure out how to place Field Essays at the centre of my practice. Part 1 consisted of three tables (skewed copies of the ones in my home studio) displaying drawings and writings, as well …... more
  • Preview Field Essays Dummy

    Lucy Mc Rae posted this nice video of the dummy of Field Essays, Issue zero, on Vimeo. Thank you Lucy!... more
  • Dummy Field Essays, Issue zero

    First dummy of Field Essays, Issue zero. Graphic design by Andreas Tscholl With this dummy, we try to give each component of Field Essays its own visual carrier and format: – the work (in this case a poster size full colour image of Pick of Sticks, a new work by LucyandBart) – the process (a …... more
  • Field Essays Wintergarden clown workshop

    During this year’s Wintergarden*, students of TXT (textile department) and designLAB** joined together for a clown workshop led by Ivan Hannetin. Some reactions: “ It was me, but not me.” “ Even nonsense has some sense in it.” “ Clown is about being, not thinking, feeling the moment, expressing raw emotions, not …... more
  • preview Field Essays, Issue zero

    A test image made by graphic designer Andreas Tscholl for the upcoming issue of Field Essays, Issue zero (planned release 2010). The issue brings together Eindhoven-based duo LucyandBart, who produce bewildering images of our body, with philosopher Marek Pokropski, whose paper focusses on phenomenology and embodiment.... more
  • Field Essays partners with Onomatopee

    Field Essays found itself a partner and independent publisher in Onomatopee! After many meetings at publishers around town and in Europe, talking to Onomatopee founder Freek Lomme made me decide to take Field Essays back into my hands, and develop this research in an independent manner the coming years. The tentative collaboration with Paris based publisher Disvoir, although …... more
  • Field Essays presents: LucyandBart

    Field Essays is happy to announce its protagonists for the upcoming issue:  the Eindhoven-based design duo Lucyandbart (NL/AU). Sometimes it just takes one image to know you want to work with somebody. That’s what happened with Grow on you (image) when I saw it. By suggesting as much as it eludes, …... more
  • Note on Finding the right attitude

    Danièle Rivière, founder of art publisher Dis Voir in Paris, has invited me to work on a series of ten books on design, to be published in the next three years. I take this offer on as an opportunity to try to frame my thinking on design processes. Together with Alvin Ho, …... more
  • Note on Inframince

    Summer 2007. My literature list is growing every day. I feel like I still have everything to learn. The thing  as an issue (Latour) Ways of doing, arts of doing (Michel de Certeau) Taking the matters on hand (jJohanna Billing, Maria Lind) Participation (Claire Bishop) Relational aesthetics (Nicolas Bourriaud) On …... more
  • Note on Distilling core questions

    Septembre 2007 I’ve decided to draw out all the thoughts, steps and questions that led me to where I am today, since 2003 – the year in which I initiated 5050, a practice-based research about collaborative production processes (nowadays referred to as co-design, and open source design). My hope is that maybe …... more
  • Note: Defining a need

    May 2007. Internal presentation to my fellow researchers at LAPS. My focus has shifted to the design process itself. How does a design come into being? What kinds of processes of (dialogue, exchange, mutation, resistance, resonance, alteration, symbiosis, sympathy, embodiment, camouflage etc) are involved in its becoming? What kind of (visual) language is generated …... more
  • Note: Saying yes and following through

    December 2006. A clown workshop led by Ivan Hannetin (FR) provokes a small breakthrough. I was looking for an attitude with which to invest my work. Working with clowns teaches me countless things: A hand made nose can a sign of radical engagement. Anything can be a topic of interest, as long as you …... more
  • Note: Defining your position

    May 2006 I find myself with my back against the wall: I don’t seem to be able to pin-point WHAT I want to research and more importantly, WHY and HOW, and why NOW. As Jeroen rightly says: “You have to define your position.” It’s a terrifying thing to do. Small compass …... more
  • Note: Welcoming the Other

    November 2005. The Professorship of Art and Public Space of the Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam, NL) led by art historian and art critic Jeroen Boomgaard, has invited me to join them. It’s is a great opportunity to conduct fundamental research (i.e. not commission or project driven) alongside fellow artists, designers and teachers, and to get critical …... more