Field Essays workshop: Still Making Sense

Onomatopee 55.1: Cabinet Project Field Essays

Onomatopee & Atelier Sophie Krier present Field Essays, on the nature and dynamics of design processes. Field Essays explores the motives and the strategies of emergent design practices, and informs about their qualities. Field Essays makes its research accessible to the public through publications, exhibitions, lectures and workshops. Together, these outcomes map and remap an evolving design landscape. Field Essays connects characteristic processes with contemporary thought; because Field Essays follows the production of new work from close by, it functions both as trampoline and feedback.

Field Essays will inhabit the front spaces of Onomatopee from October 22 till 30. Graphic designers Andreas Tscholl and Felix Peter will present a visual supplement. A select group of students and alumni’s from different academies will work on an exhibition in progress: under the title Still Making Sense1,the DDW will be shadowed, interpreted and mimicked in real time by the students. How are ideas communicated? Which topics are addressed? What do you relate to and what not? What can the spectacle of the Dutch Design Week mean for your own work?
Costs of participation to the workshop: €30,00 pp

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1 Still Making Sense builds on the residency Making Sense (2009), realised in collaboration with the Rietveld Design Lab, Freek Lomme, Hadas Zemer Ben Ari, Bas van Beek and Anke Weiss within the exhibition Take On Me (take me on) at the Van Abbe Museum.


* Programme Still Making Sense *

Saturday 22 October

17:00 Field Essays # Jonathan Muecke & Bas Princen. Lecture by Sophie Krier.

18:00 Dinner at Lola Rossa

20:00 Briefing

Tuesday 25 October 12.00 – 21.00

09.30-12.30 Workshop Biomimicry / MEC, Genneperweg 145, Eindhoven (optional)

14.00-19.00 Visits to Onomatopee / MU / Stichting Doen Materiaalprijs / Stedelijke Groei / Dutch Invertuals

19.00-20.30 ‘How Are You?’, Film + Design

Wednesday 26 October 12.00-22.00

13.00-14.00 Guided tour Onomatopee

15.00-17.00 Design + Economics debate, Van Abbe Museum (optional)

21.00 ‘This Is My Dream’, Film+Design

Thursday 27 October 12.00 – 18.00

16.00-18.00 Informal end presentation

Editing by Atelier Sophie Krier
Made possible by the Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling Subsidie, CBK Rotterdam
Visual Supplement by Andreas Tscholl & Felix Peter
Camera by Roel van Tour
Artistic advice by Freek Lomme & René Put
Partner organizations: Film + Design, Biomimicry NL, Sandberg Instituut

Participants figuring in the photo: Aliki van der Kruijs, Benas Burdulis,