Pick of sticks embodied

Field Essays enables listening pauses between thinkers and practitioners in an attempt to weave other histories of the worlds we inhabit.

Pick of Sticks Embodied, the very first issue of the series, brings together the work of design duo LucyandBart (AU/NL) and philosopher Marek Pokropski (PL). Lucyandbart work close to the body, and their working process is erratic and impulsive; they generate ambiguous images that depict our skin as a an interface between our self and the world. Marek Pokropski introduces a philosophical framework in an essay about our embodied perception of the world. In the run up to this publication, Field Essays workshops took place a.o. at Icelandic Academy of Art and Design (IS), Bolzano University (I), Cranbrook Academy (USA) and Vanabbe Museum  (NL).

Realised in partnership with Onomatopee, the Professorship of Art and Public Space (Rietveld Academie Amsterdam), The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB), the CBK Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling (Research & Development) grant. Graphic design by Andreas Tscholl.

This issue of Field Essays manifested itself through a Making Sense workshop/exhibition hosted by Onomatopee, building on a previous Making Sense workshop with Bas van Beek at Vanabbe Museum Eindhoven.