For some time now, with School of Verticality, I have been investigating how we can learn to be present to what manifests itself.*

All my life something in me knew horses are great teachers in the art of being. Taking this intuition seriously led me in the last few years to train in the Medicine Horse Way and Eponaquest. Throughout summer 2023, I will conduct 18 trial sessions with three different clients to complete my training.

On Equine Facilitated Learning
The Eponaquest program was founded by Linda Kohanov; in the Netherlands, Josselien Janssen (Kracht van de Kudde) runs the Nature of Wisdom program and EFL trainings ; in France, Cécile Gilbert Kiwano (Cégéka) is a forerunner in equicoaching ; Hélène Roche studies horse behavior as an ethologist.

On learning with horses
Are you someone with an interest in self-development, with some body practice (yoga, Qi Qong, Tai Chi, dance…), and a longing for a deeper connection with yourself and your environment? Do you love being outside and are you curious what you can learn from horses? If this speaks to you, drop me a line to make an appointment for an informal intake by phone/video call. I will tell you a bit more about what experiential learning with horses entails and answer your questions to see if this program is right for you at this time.

3-6 sessions of 2 hours (single sessions on request)
My fee is 75 euros / hour ex 21% VAT (low-income pricing on request)

Sponsor fee: 125 euros / hour ex 21% VAT – with this amount you make it possible for a low-income participant to also experience the work with horses.

The sessions take place near Haagse Bos in The Hague

Some words about me
Plant lover, proces-based artist and teacher, mid forties, Iyengar yoga and zen Buddhist practitioner, with roots in Belgium and Luxemburg, fluent in French (mother tongue), Dutch and English. Through the work with horses, I gained insight in patterns of behaviour that limited me, and what it takes to function more fluidly in my life and relationships. I also learned (and am still learning!) to set healthy boundaries and take up the space I need to feel connected and present at any given moment.

Over the past twenty years, I have taken my own medicine by engaging in various forms of (self)care and nourishing volunteer work: natural horsemanship (Marine Herbelot / Haras de La Cense), Thai massage (Dieke Bikker, Womens’ Alchemy), Body Weather (Astarti Athanasiadou), community gardening (Stadsoase Spinozahof), local food cycles (Lekkernassûh), Soto zen Buddhism (Sangha sans Demeure), Iyengar yoga (Ria Brandon), Qi Qong, cognitive- and Gestalt therapy, hypnosis (Praktijk Uriel), systemic family constellations and mother-daughter workshops (Mayke Smit), focusing (*Natasha Lythgoe, theartofrewilding.com)

Top slider – impression of coaching sessions
Bottom slider – a few of the horses who taught me throughout my life