“5050 is a project about trust and exchange. 5050 researches alternative ways to deal with design and the language of objects in general. 5050 is interested in the added value of collaboration: collaboration is reaction, reaction is energy, and energy is life… Hence 5050 can be a mind trampoline for designers who seek more than their own signature. 5050 uses the idea of exchange (of taste, ideas, traditions) as the starting point for a joint creation and production process.”

5050 gathered 30 designers based in The Netherlands. It enabled various exercises in reaction, translation, multiplication or denial. For the 1:1 collection, a series of basic objects were co-designed by two designers; for the 1:7 chandelier seven lights by seven designers were assembled into one composite chandelier. 5050 was presented to the public at 100% Design Rotterdam in 2003.

Download the 5050 poster and 5050 product sheet.

An initiative of Nico Vascellari & Sophie Krier (Famous Studio, 2001-2003). With contributions by Novak Ontwerp (graphic identity, now Inedition), Mara Skujeniece & Bertjan Pot (art direction). 5050 designers: Sannah Belzer, Dylan van de Berg, Monique van Bruggen, Krijn Christiaansen, Julio Dolbeth, Onno Donkers, Harald Duerink, Michele Gigante, Katja Gruijters, Madelinde Hageman, Jerry Handgraaf, Simon Heijdens, Pauline Hoogweg, Janneke Hooijmans, Roel Huisman, Chris Kabel, Dave Keune, Bas Kortmann, Charlotte Kusters, Cathelijne Montens, Erik Nap, Reineke Otten, Bertjan Pot, Anke van Rossum, Eva van der Schans, Mara Skujeniece, Wieki Somers, René Tichelaar, Frank Tjepkema, Toya Verberne, Marije Vogelzang, Daniel White, Jitze Wils.