Au revoir la cité

Leaving CITE DES ARTS after a full year in Paris. Looking back, my time there was well spent, crowdfunding the printing budget for Field Essays, getting to know how things work (and don’t work) in France, rediscovering French (my native language!) in relation to art & design research, and getting interesting work done with Ecole des Arts Déco, Ensci-Les-Ateliers and graphic designers EricandMarie.

It’s nice to have the off white stones and grey roofs of Paris in the back of my mind – without the pollution, the tension and the noise of the city.

Time now for new adventures… First to Mudam, Luxembourg, to finish building up the Pendule de Foucault table for the opening on July 8th of Eppur si Muove.

Then SUMMER – bretagne & tuscany.