Field Essays

Field Essays is an ongoing research into the tactile relation between thinking and making in the creation process. It can take on the form of a publication, workshop, lecture, exhibition and/or series of talks. It started out  in 2008 as a personal research into the nature of design processes in the context of the Professorship of Art and Public Space of the Rietveld Academy, where I was a fellow of the Research Grou
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Uyt Eygen Ervarentheyd

Uyt Eygen Ervarentheyd (Out of my own experience) Johannes Goedaert wondrous insect world On show November 19 2016  to October 29, 2017 at Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg. … for beautiful caterpillars produce rather ugly moths, and ugly caterpillars produce very beautiful butterflies. With this year-round exhibition the Zeeuws Museum is celebrating the 400th year of birth of fellow townsman Johannes Goedaert (1617–16
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ICI Rotsoord, Werklandschap Kruist

ICI Rotsoord, werklandschap kruist (HERE, Rotsoord, networked landscape) is a 9 month field research that took place within the context of Utrecht Manifest NO4, Biennale for Social Design. It builds on the way of working developed during ICI, Casa (2010). UM NO4 artistic director Jurgen Bey appointed four curators to develop the idea of The Working Landscape – a new geography that is emerging from shifts in the way w
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Field Essays (video)

Part field work and part introspection, Field Essays is in essence a practice, a mode of doing. The video captures this way of working. Field Essays, HDV, 5”, mute, 2012. Camera Roel van Tour  
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ICI Casa, Ville Inventive

What happens when a group of designers from The Netherlands arrive open-minded and empty-handed to Casablanca, and tries to put together an exhibition from scratch, using the city as an instant source of inspiration and production? Set up as a work period  in answer to the brief for a Dutch Design exhibition, ICI produced new work in the space of two months in collaboration with a Moroccan team of designers, students
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me you and everyone we know is a curator – quality in the age of visual overload is the first of 3 end-of-year symposia held in Paradiso, Amsterdam, and commissioned by MOTI. The title is a tribute to Miranda July’s Learning To Love You More blog, and the way she bridges the online and offline worlds. The symposium questioned the quality gatekeeping and criteria of online artistic production. The line up included And
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Lieve, (Dear,) is part of a Més-aventures video compilation including moving and narrative images. Attempts to appropriate, impersonate and understand phenomena that move me. Lieve, is an ode to the written word (the grown-up little scribble that simply is voice, vision and venture all at once) and to handwriting (the spirited and deeply personal deed that feeds the layered and founded dialogue I yearn for). Lieve, i
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5050 is a project about trust and exchange. 5050 researches alternative ways to deal with design and the language of objects in general. 5050 is interested in the added value of collaboration: collaboration is reaction, reaction is energy, and energy is life… Hence 5050 can be a mind trampoline for designers who seek more than their own signature. 5050 uses the idea of exchange (of taste, ideas, traditions) as the st
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En Garde

A moving image about the fight that I experience daily as a human, a designer, a young woman. How do I deal with the expectations and demands from the outside world? Do I defend myself, do I attack, do I feign or avoid? These questions led me to the world of fencing. Fort Asperen, located in the Hollandse Waterlinie, provided me with a rich historical backdrop for my first exercises in assault, attack, leap, and defe
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