Film is a place where an idea can be articulated through a gesture. Searching for an image is searching for meaning. 27th of January 2006: salt fairy in the night waking and sprinkling white gold falling there where lines meet salt stars form dust bodies from heaven “At such minuscule distances everything falls under the charm of uncertainties, space and time begin to dance, to twirl around, particles stop to know wh
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Lieve, (Dear,) is part of a Més-aventures video compilation including moving and narrative images. Attempts to appropriate, impersonate and understand phenomena that move me. Lieve, is an ode to the written word (the grown-up little scribble that simply is voice, vision and venture all at once) and to handwriting (the spirited and deeply personal deed that feeds the layered and founded dialogue I yearn for). Lieve, i
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En Garde

A moving image about the fight that I experience daily as a human, a designer, a young woman. How do I deal with the expectations and demands from the outside world? Do I defend myself, do I attack, do I feign or avoid? These questions led me to the world of fencing. Fort Asperen, located in the Hollandse Waterlinie, provided me with a rich historical backdrop for my first exercises in assault, attack, leap, and defe
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Graduation project that questions the reliability of the world as it is presented to us. Giving shape to a personal fairy-tale around the idea of fake: “I take, I make, I fake”. Objects are approached as blanc props open to interpretation: the idea of a lamp (an aura), the idea of a staircase (a shift in perspective), the idea of a window (a framed view) and the idea of a bed (a hint of escapism). An attempt to re-in
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Rouw (mourn) is an ongoing effort to breath new life into a mourning process, expressed through intimate gestures. Dedicated to Vincent Krier (1978-1997). – I elaborate on the same line of thought. – I tie giant knots and bundle them. [fragment shown on this site] – I jump, land, (fall) and jump again, higher. – …  Rouw, ik knoop je van me af (garment, action), Hi8 video, 18 min, 1997 –
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