field work

Metamorfose Lokaal

Metamorfose Lokaal Openlucht leslokaal, vrijplaats voor het denken & proeftuin voor de waarneming. (Full English text soon) Ontwerp: Sophie Krier & Henriëtte Waal Realisatie: Niels Hendriks, Sander Hofstede (rendering) Fotografie: Sjoerd Knibbeler Grafisch ontwerp publicatie: Eva van der Schans (Inedition) Gastsprekers en performers op de openingsdag: wetenschapshistoricus Huib Zuidervaart, voorzitter Vlinder
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What are the key ingredients of our desires for nature? To which form of nature do we want to contribute, now that cows and greenhouses are disappearing from the landscape? In the course of a year long field research, Hunnie (‘them’ in local slang) designed and tested new forms of recreation and maintenance in De Bovenlanden in the Dutch Province of Utrecht. The polder is destined to exchange its agricult
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ICI Rotsoord, Werklandschap Kruist

ICI Rotsoord, werklandschap kruist (HERE, Rotsoord, networked landscape) is a 9 month field research that took place within the context of Utrecht Manifest NO4, Biennale for Social Design. It builds on the way of working developed during ICI, Casa (2010). UM NO4 artistic director Jurgen Bey appointed four curators to develop the idea of The Working Landscape – a new geography that is emerging from shifts in the way w
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ICI Casa, Ville Inventive

What happens when a group of designers from The Netherlands arrive open-minded and empty-handed to Casablanca, and tries to put together an exhibition from scratch, using the city as an instant source of inspiration and production? Set up as a work period  in answer to the brief for a Dutch Design exhibition, ICI produced new work in the space of two months in collaboration with a Moroccan team of designers, students
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Champs Libre

The work draws on the past of Luxembourg City as a fortress; elements of military scenario’s were identified and translated into constructive scenario’s of use. Coming across an engraving of a war game at the Musée de l’Histoire de la Ville was decisive in the making process. The drawing illustrates the cleverness of strategic military thinking: a largest possible number of complex situations (force
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En Garde

A moving image about the fight that I experience daily as a human, a designer, a young woman. How do I deal with the expectations and demands from the outside world? Do I defend myself, do I attack, do I feign or avoid? These questions led me to the world of fencing. Fort Asperen, located in the Hollandse Waterlinie, provided me with a rich historical backdrop for my first exercises in assault, attack, leap, and defe
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