ICI Rotsoord, Werklandschap Kruist

ICI Rotsoord, werklandschap kruist (HERE, Rotsoord, networked landscape) is a 9 month field research that took place within the context of Utrecht Manifest NO4, Biennale for Social Design. It builds on the way of working developed during ICI, Casa (2010). UM NO4 artistic director Jurgen Bey appointed four curators to develop the idea of The Working Landscape – a new geography that is emerging from shifts in the way w
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ICI Casa, Ville Inventive

What happens when a group of designers from The Netherlands arrive open-minded and empty-handed to Casablanca, and tries to put together an exhibition from scratch, using the city as an instant source of inspiration and production? Set up as a work period  in answer to the brief for a Dutch Design exhibition, ICI produced new work in the space of two months in collaboration with a Moroccan team of designers, students
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Ongelofelijk, Ongetwijfeld

Personal retrospective in a group show about blurring boundaries in today’s artistic practices. Part 1 consisted of three tables (skewed copies of the ones in my home studio) displaying drawings and writings, as well as (yet) unrealised plans. In the back two films screened side by side, complementing and mirroring each other visually. Part 2 consisted of paper scale models of places where I have worked, or wou
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5050 is a project about trust and exchange. 5050 researches alternative ways to deal with design and the language of objects in general. 5050 is interested in the added value of collaboration: collaboration is reaction, reaction is energy, and energy is life… Hence 5050 can be a mind trampoline for designers who seek more than their own signature. 5050 uses the idea of exchange (of taste, ideas, traditions) as the st
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